How to Take Clenbuterol Safely


Taking Clenbuterol can be very intricate and for that matter, safety, as always, should be the main concern for everyone who wants to use it.

To be on the safe side, it is important to develop a plan and understand the use of any cycle or supplement before starting off.  There are certain situations that call for further planning and methodology than others owing to some underlying circumstances. When it comes to Clenbuterol, dosing is very specific and should be taken seriously. The potential side effects, desensitizing risks, etc., are very complicated, hence have to be understood and applied accordingly.

So, how should Clenbuterol be taken, whether in drops of pills for those who want to obtain the strongest results possible and at the same time avoid side effects?

First Dosing

The use of Clenbuterol is aimed at weight loss, particularly increasing metabolic function. As a matter of fact, small quantities of Clen can be effective. For males, a 40 mcg and females 20 mcg per day is a good starting dose. However, this does not mean that you cannot start with a higher dosage. Rather, there is an increased risk of side effects and complications from Clen use when a person starts at a higher dose. Starting at the recommended dose is meant to help the person to ease into it.

Usually, the body will adjust either to the effects of Clen or desensitize. As such, the dosage will have to be increased during the cycle in order to concur with this. That is why it is more prudent to begin at a smaller dosage. It is not beneficial for the user to hit the maximum dose so soon. When the user eventually reaches the maximum dosing, he or she will no doubt be at a sticking point, hence will need to proceed from there.

Properly Increasing the Dosage

As stated earlier on, the further into the cycle a person goes, the more he or she needs to adjust the dosage. This will be a gradual and steady increase all through (usually in 20mcg increments every 2-3 weeks).  The general procedure for Clenbuterol is to take it as a cycle. Being a beta-2 stimulator, the body tends to adjust to its use at a faster rate, even though this can as well be overstated among users. Many people have this common misconception that, as particular side effects go away – specifically that of feeling continuously stimulated it means that Clen is not effective then. There are many misconceptions and it is crucial to recognize this concept and act accordingly.  A single dose of Clenbuterol is capable of producing metabolic boost for up to six weeks. Obviously, as that period draws to an end, the effects will begin to wear off. But on the other hand, the metabolic augmentation experience will remain at a higher level than it was before the cycle started. Several users tend to become anxious and begin to increase intake after merely a few days of use.  This is not recommended as it is likely to be more of a hindrance than help.

Maximum Safe Clenbuterol Dosage

Just like most of the compounds of this nature, there is a maximum Clenbuterol dosage that must be adhered to in order to uphold safety. For the majority of males, the recommended maximum dosage is 140mcg per day, while many females will realize that all they need is 100mcg per day. Although females can go past this mark up to 140mcg, it is rarely necessary; besides, it can be rather harsh.  Those who take more than 140mcg per day will be risking potential cardiac hypertrophy, while those who hit 200mcg or more per day (probably for better results) place themselves at an extremely serious and great risk of this incidence. Such doses should be avoided to avert serious health issues.

Be Practical When Sun Tanning – Use Rio Sun Tanning Tablets

So many people are obsessed with getting that summer bronzed tan, and many don’t give any concern or care about the hazards of sun bathing itself, nor the risks of tanning, whether outdoors in the sunlight or indoors in those ‘deadly’ sun tanning beds.  It seems people lose complete sight of reality and common sense when it comes to tanning their body and, despite the abundant warnings across the board about the high risks of tanning, still put long hours into basking in the sun to achieve that sexy summer look.


The Risks

The risks of sun tanning are many.  From causing varied forms of cancer to desperately aging the skin, it seems there are far worse and harmful effects from sun tanning then there are good.  With these thoughts in mind, and recognizing the many facts and findings research and medical studies have provided us with, it seems there is yet another resource for acquiring that eye-catching, gorgeous summer tan – sun tanning tablets.

The risks of sun bathing and over exposure to the sun can be quite serious and even deadly.  What is bewildering, however, is that despite all the proof that sunbathing truly leads to skin cancer in people of all ages, everyone still gives primary focus to laying out in the sun to get that perfect summer tan.  So many people nowadays are also so conscious about their overall looks and are always in search of anti-aging products to use in their efforts to stay younger looking.  However, if you are applying anti-aging products, but continue to bask long hours in the sun and overexpose your skin to the sun’s dangerous UV rays then all your anti-aging efforts are truly just in vain.

Over Exposure to the Sun is Critically Damaging to the Skin

I am certain there is not a one of us who is not aware of the many hazards of sun bathing.  First and foremost, overexposure to the sun can and will lead to some type of skin cancer, but in addition to this, over exposure to the sun definitely leads to aging skin and a wrinkled aged all over look.  People who spend lots of hours researching anti-aging products as well as the money to purchase these products, but still dedicate long hours sunbathing in the direct sunlight, might just as well flush their money down the toilet since the overexposure to the sun is far more powerful than any anti-aging products can profess to be.

If you Absolutely Must Tan use Tanning Tablets

If you absolutely feel that getting a deep dark tan is ever so important to your person and to your life, then the time is now to give some serious thought to the effects that multiple sun tanning resources can have on your skin and on your health as well.  We already know that tanning in direct sunlight can lead to some form of skin cancer.  In addition, tanning in sunbeds or using sun tanning lamps can have the same level of risks since they too have dangerous rays that are used in order to provide individuals with the tans they are looking to achieve.

The sun, tanning beds, sun tanning lamps, and even spray on tans offers no peace of mind or security about acquiring your deep dark tan, only uncertainties and risks.  However, if you absolutely must tan your body and are not going to take no for an answer, then lucky for you there is yet another sun tanning option that of sun tanning tablets.

Though there are many brands available for use, it appears that the Rio Sun Tanning Tablets have the highest rating for performance, effectiveness and safety.  So if you absolutely must tan your body, then make a practical and very sensible choice on the resource you are going to use.  Choose Rio Sun Tanning Tablets and enjoy not only that sexy summer tan, but the confidence and security of knowing that these superior tablets deliver only a tan, an amazing tan, and no high risks or dangerous side effects.

A honest Review about Spa Tanning Tablets

A darker complexion has for long been an indication of a healthier person, thanks to the assumption that they get enough sunlight, vitamins and nutrients. That is why a tanned complexion has always been considered beautiful and mysterious in recent decades and actually attributed to be pointers of wealth and luxury.

Now, unless you are from another planet, you are undoubtedly aware that a beautiful bronze glow is one of the hottest accessories you can own today.  And for a good reason: virtually everyone looks much better with a little colour – true or false?

That pale, white “sickly” look is undeniably out!

However, you may possibly be aware of the numerous potential consequences of exposure to UV radiation and the risks associated with some sunless tanning methods.

Spa Tan Tablets

But then, there are Spa Tanning Tablets.

If you are longing for a beautiful skin and need quick, safe results, then you are only Spa Tanning Tablets away from this reality.

You may ask: how are Spa Tanning Tablets different from other products in the market?  Well, there are several features that can help you discover the difference these tablets unleash from other products.

So what are Spa Tanning Tablets?

Spa Tanning Tablets are the creation of James Cosgrove, a natural health specialist who set out to produce tablets that strictly use FDA fully approved natural ingredients.  These top-selling product offer a sun-kissed glow, minus the risks associated with UV exposure. They help you tan naturally without having to expose yourself to the harmful UV rays.

What’s NOT In them?

Unlike other tanning tablets available, Spa Tanning Tablets do NOT contain any artificial ingredients, including canthaxanthin and other carotenoid.

Spa Tan Tablets

Why are Spa Tanning Tablets Different from Similar Products?

By using Spa Tanning Tablets, you will be killing two birds with one stone. These tablets will do more than just provide a no-fuss way to look gorgeous with a golden glow.  Users tend to lose weight as well.  And this is not just an accident. One of the ingredients includes a bulking agent called microcrystalline cellulose.  The moment it is taken, it starts to swell and expand in the digestive system, providing the feeling of having consumed a huge meal. This reduces your appetite and helps to enhance a healthy weight loss. Thus, you end up slim, tanned and looking adorable.

But the benefits of these tanning supplements go deeper than the skin.  The ingredients in these tablets have been proven to also be anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, and provide certain protection against Alzheimer’s as well.

How Do They Work?

The natural ingredients in Spa Tan Tablets gently stimulate melanin production. This leads to the production of the all-important pigmentation, thereby creating a tanned look. The tablets work solely with ingredients acting in tandem with the user’s body.

Results can be noticed within 10-14 day after taking 1-2 tablets per day.  The skin will have a light golden brown appearance, similar to sunbathing. These tablets work with all skin types to produce an authentic golden glow. This is actually a great benefit.

Are They Safe?

Spa Tanning Tablets are safe for use since all the ingredients have been passed by FDA as being totally safe.  As such, you can use them with zero worries of any risks.

Do They Have Any Side Effects?

Since Spa Tanning Tablets are so natural such that they carry totally NO side effects, you can rest assured that there is nothing bad or harmful concealed in these capsules.  As a matter of fact, they can be taken by nearly everyone.  But just like all supplements, people who are already under any medication are advised to consult with their doctor first.

Are you looking to have a year-round bronze, or get a glow prior to a holiday – safely? Then embrace Spa Tanning Tablets – and kiss streaky orange tans plus other risky tanning methods goodbye.

Why Powerlifting Footwear Is Recommended

We all know that every athlete’s attire varies depending on the sport. In sport, the harmony between the form and function of the athletic shoe is extremely important. Footwear should be considered as a piece of equipment for a sport. This is why you can’t try to skate in sneakers or play football in your sandals.


Olympic Weightlifting Footwear

Powerlifting is a relatively new sport as compared to Olympic weightlifting. Modern powerlifting started in the 1950’s. However, some of what we see today in this sport dates back to ancient Greece. In the mid 60’s and 70’s, powerlifting footwear was still a thing of the future because powerlifting was after all still in the early stages. Powerlifters used to wear anything and everything for instance sneakers, Chuck Taylors, etc. Early powerlifters didn’t have their own lifting shoes and that is why many of the shoes they wore were actually Olympic weightlifting shoes.

Why you need Powerlifting Shoes

Powerlifting is a sport that involves the squat, deadlift, and bench press. Proper footwear and technique is required while performing powerlifting in order to minimize injury potential. Many times, people go for flashy shoes that may be visually appealing but are not designed with powerlifting in mind. What you need to ask yourself is whether they will get the job done.

Powerlifting shoes are specifically designed for the sport. So, if you perform any type of squat or deadlift variation, you would do yourself much good to check out powerlifting footwear.   When it comes to powerlifting, by picking flashy shoes instead of powerlifting shoes, you sacrifice not only performance but also safety. As a matter of fact, you could be throwing away pounds on your lifts.

Although presently many powerlifters still fancy Olympic weightlifting footwear, there are powerlifting shoes on the market that make for a compelling option.

Powerlifting footwear is simply shoes that are appropriate for the sport of powerlifting. This is quite a broad term because it comprises of a wide range of lifting shoes, with each having their own strengths and weaknesses.

Powerlifting comprises of three separate lifts, hence the best type of shoe for each lift differs. There are some powerlifters that go to the extent of having three different pairs of shoes on meet day but since all the three lifts share some characteristics, this is not always necessary. For instance, whether it is in the course of all the three lifts or several other similar lifts, the feet must remain firmly planted onto the ground continuously so as to lift as much weight as possible. Any wrong movement of the feet could either result into an inefficient transfer of force or loss of balance. This is why all the three lifts need stability as well as efficient transfer of force.  It is important that the shoe you lift in reflects and facilitates this.

Experts recommend the use of powerlifting footwear and fortunately, several brands of powerlifting footwear are available. There are advantages to using powerlifting shoes as you go about your normal training, hence investing in a good pair of weightlifting shoes is advisable.

Some Reasons Why Powerlifters Tend To Be Fat

Perhaps you have always wondered why power lifters tend to be fat. You may have watched some powerlifting competitions and Olympic powerlifting and noticed that most of the competitors looked “fat” or overweight, and particularly around their midsection.

An ordinary person would never imagine that powerlifters are training hard owing to their fat and unhealthy looks. They are often accused of being fat with unappealing looks. Several popular lifters have huge guts and one can easily mistake them for walking refrigerators.  Putting on their shoes poses a challenge, let alone tying them. Walking upstairs is another big challenge.


Powerlifters are very strong men and also have a lot of muscle. They must burn numerous calories as they work out so you may not understand why they look overweight. To find out why weightlifters tend to be fat, read on.

All Powerlifters Are Not Fat

The powerlifting world is always associated with obesity because the heaviest powerlifters are usually among the strongest ones and are given more exposure than the rest.

Contrary to what many people think, actually most powerlifters are not fat; only the super heavyweights are the ones who are truly fat. Powerlifters from the lower classes normally have thick muscular development and would not look much different from a shredded bodybuilder. The majority of the fat guys compete in classes above 220lbs – 100 kg.

Powerlifters will often appear chubbier than they really are due to the many muscles around their midsection. This is important for keeping their body balanced when they are performing heavy presses, squats, and deadlifts. The untrained eye will see this as gut when it is swathed in some amount of fat.

Dieting Is Difficult

For powerlifters, being on diet makes the experience of trying to get stronger boring and harder.  Thus, many powerlifters find following a strict nutritional regimen very hard. As a matter of fact, at times it is even more challenging than lifting those heavy barbells.

In order to get as strong as possible, powerlifters will eat enough in order to ensure maximum strength gains and this will build fat as well. They consume large quantities of protein, which often comprises of fat and calories that add up to excess body fat. This is especially so with those exercises which don’t include cardio.

The Price Weightlifters Pay

Powerlifters, just like bodybuilders, are willing to do anything it takes to get the job done. It does not matter even if it means getting fatter. It is not surprising to see these guys eat beyond the point of exhaustion. Scott Mendelson, the professional bench press expert reportedly said in the movie Power Unlimited that he consumes around 10,000 calories for him to maintain his weight and strength. To give you a better understanding, this is roughly the amount an ordinary person would consume in 5 to 7 days.

Although being obese is neither healthy nor appealing, to the obsessed powerlifters, the disadvantages seem to be less important. So it is not surprising that powerlifters tend to be fat.

The Type of Steroids That Are Popular with Professional Powerlifters

Just like most professional athletes, professional powerlifters use supplements and enhancers to increase strength. Powerlifters who use steroids do not take a special type of steroids. This is due to the fact that all anabolic steroids are to a certain extent both anabolic and androgenic. As a matter of fact, there is a better term that should be given to such steroids, which is both accurate and correct: anabolic-androgenic steroids. These synthetic derivatives have masculinizing effects in a male’s body and are known as the androgenic properties of the testosterone hormone.  Testosterone has an anabolic element and normally produces androgenic effects. When there is an increase in testosterone levels, growth is stimulated and anabolic changes occur in the body as a result of an increase in the rate of protein synthesis.


An accumulation of muscle mass occurs as a result of an increased rate of synthesis. This is very important to bodybuilders and weightlifters because with an increased rate of protein synthesis, they can develop that serious muscle mass. Other athletes may not desire muscle growth since all they may want is just to maintain a particular bodyweight in a specific weight class. However, anabolic effects don’t impact negatively on the powerlifters.

For professional powerlifters, increased muscle mass is an advantage since their primary concern is strength. It should be borne in mind that in most cases, the larger one’s muscles, the stronger one is. However, there are other factors that determine strength levels and so strength is not exclusively defined by or related to muscle size. These include things like limb length, neurological fitness, fast-twitch muscle-fiber ratios, and tendon insertions. But even so, there is an obvious connection between strength and size.

Statistics indicate that so far, more than 100 different anabolic steroids have been produced. Many steroid manufacturers focus mainly on making an anabolic steroid that does not have any androgenic component (which causes many of the side effects experienced by a steroid user) and a purely anabolic component. But after conducting several experiments, scientists have come to the conclusion that it is not possible to create this derivative. There has to be some degree of androgenic effects present for the anabolic effects of steroids to exist.

Anadrol, Dianabol and testosterone are some of the popular androgenic steroids used by many bodybuilders that provide the edge that they need. While these type of steroids may not directly build muscle, they can, in the long run. This is because they allow one to train harder to force muscle hypertrophy.

The androgenic and anabolic components appear to collaborate to enable bodybuilders and powerlifters alike to achieve their objectives.

Here are some of the best steroids professional top-strength weightlifters use to move their strength to the next level:

Testosterone Suspension – This steroid is incomparable when it comes to strength gains because it acts very fast. It provides muscle gains and strength that gives one that Herculean feeling.

Anadrol 50 – It is a top choice and has been nicknamed as “A-Bombs” owing to the fast strength gains it provides. It improves leverages as it greatly increases water retention for powerlifters. Besides, it can lift up red blood cell count and this result in increased pumps and training stamina.

Trenbolone Acetate – This one ranks among the most popular steroids with weightlifters. It is very potent because it is thrice more androgenic than testosterone. Unlike Anadrol, it does not aromatize. Its androgenic ration makes it great for those looking to improve their power output.

As you can see there are many different steroids that are suited for different goals.

How Bodybuilding Differs from Powerlifting

There are two reasons why guys go to the gym: aesthetics and athleticism (they want to look nice and to get stronger). When it comes to differentiating between bodybuilding and powerlifting, it can be quite confusing to some people due to certain similarities between them. Bodybuilding and powerlifting are very similar sports, yet they also differ a lot. While they both involve moving weights, they are totally different in the sense that the objectives of the two sports are entirely different.

So What Is the Big Difference Between the Two?

 Bodybuilding focuses principally on building muscle, cutting fat, contest preparation, or just maintenance of size and strength. Bodybuilders exercise with higher reps and for the pump (making the muscle to grow bigger). Powerlifting mainly focuses on getting as strong as possible on the core lifts. They train with the powerlifts in the 1-5 rep range including deadlift, squat, and bench press.


Perhaps this is the best and quickest description: bodybuilders go for balance, gaining as much muscle as possible, but maintaining low-single digits’ body fat levels. Thus, bodybuilding is physique and cosmetic based. On the other hand, powerlifters go for pure strength and as such powerlifting is basically to lift as much weight as possible. There are some variations in the bodybuilding and powerlifting diet and training techniques due to their different goals.

The major difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting is that while the former is judged on appearance, the latter is based on performance and strength. In spite of the fact that the two are different sports, some individuals compete in both bodybuilding and powerlifting. Although there is some crossover between the size for bodybuilding and the strength needed for powerlifting, both methods of working out have different effects on your body. The body of a bodybuilder differs a lot from a powerlifter’s.

Benefits of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

 There are several benefits to the two sports but this depends on your perspective. Benefits of bodybuilding can range from good health, nice shape, more attention from the opposite sex, and high self-esteem. Happiness is arguably the most important thing in life, and with all these benefits going for you, you will definitely lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Lifting weight and exercising relieves stress considerably and as such, you will not meet many depressed bodybuilders. When you train, your brain releases endorphins that ease your stress levels. This makes you feel happier without having to resort to using illegal substances.

There are some benefits associated with powerlifting. These include a big increase in self-esteem the moment you bench that massive amount of weight as people look at you in awe. Obviously, there is that great feeling of pride that comes along when you attain your objectives of lifting the huge amounts of weight that particular powerlifters are able to lift.

Good discipline and determination are necessary for one to succeed at either one. Thus, although the two sports differ, bodybuilding and powerlifting come with the additional benefit of good discipline and determination.

Dbol Vs Tbol: Which One Is Better?

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) is a name that is famous in the bodybuilding community. Dianabol is among the first steroids ever developed and used in bodybuilding circles. This steroid which is sometimes referred to as “The Breakfast of Champions” is helpful in gaining muscle and strength. It is commonly used in bodybuilding by both new and seasoned bodybuilders and although some other steroids have emerged, it still remains popular today.


Benefits of Dbol

Dianabol augments your body’s ability to retain nitrogen, which is important for cells to produce protein and muscles. The compound Methandrostenolone allows you to not only gain lean muscles mass but also boost stamina and gain physical strength. With an increase in the protein buildup, muscles develop faster.

Tbol (Turinabol)

Tbol (Turinabol) has remained the best choice for both bodybuilders and top athletes over the years. This anabolic steroid’s structure is akin to that of Dianabol (dbol).

Tbol stimulates slow but remarkable muscle mass and strength gains. This is one of the best things about this steroid. Its users can expect hard, refined looks in a short period of 4 – 8 weeks. The other thing that makes Tbol an excellent pick for those athletes who want hard and well-defined muscle mass is its ability to promote fat-free mass.

Benefits of Tbol

Additionally, augmented muscle mass, bigger muscle fiber size, enhanced protein synthesis, as well as improvements in performance are associated with the use of Tbol.

 Dbol versus Tbol

Whether it is in professional or amateur bodybuilding circles, Tbol is regarded as a superior steroid. This is mainly because it is easier to keep muscle mass and strength gains made with Tbol. Although Dbol gains are more dramatic and better than Tbol, they can be lost by as much as 50 per cent the moment bodybuilders are off the cycle.  This can be probably attributed to a high proportion of water retention (intracellular and subcutaneous) being lost post cycle.

Turinabol is also more expensive than Dbol.

Dbol is superior to Tbol when it comes to aggression, strength and physical aesthetics.  However, when the two are compared, Tbol is characterized by a low androgenic activity level. On the other hand, Turinabol exhibits a higher balance of anabolic and androgenic effects than Dianabol.  Also, since Tbol can rapidly break down in the body, it is the best steroid for athletes who undergo tests frequently. Turinabol metabolites are excreted rather faster through the urine as compared to Dianabol metabolites.

Even though Dbol and Tbol are almost similar, there is something that distinguishes the two steroids; there is an additional 4chloro alteration with Turinabol. Turinabol has a mild 53 anabolic ranking and a zero (0) androgenic rating.

This means no aromatization will take place since there is zero estrogenic or androgenic with Tbol, hence users can anticipate slow, dry gains.  In contrast, when it comes to aromatization, Dbol is the king.  As such, users of this steroid will add a large amount of mass (a bigger percentage of it water), within a short time.

Your body and goals will determine which of the two you settle for. More information can be found on Turinabol and Dianabol at the JackedBattalion website.