Dbol Vs Tbol: Which One Is Better?

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) is a name that is famous in the bodybuilding community. Dianabol is among the first steroids ever developed and used in bodybuilding circles. This steroid which is sometimes referred to as “The Breakfast of Champions” is helpful in gaining muscle and strength. It is commonly used in bodybuilding by both new and seasoned bodybuilders and although some other steroids have emerged, it still remains popular today.


Benefits of Dbol

Dianabol augments your body’s ability to retain nitrogen, which is important for cells to produce protein and muscles. The compound Methandrostenolone allows you to not only gain lean muscles mass but also boost stamina and gain physical strength. With an increase in the protein buildup, muscles develop faster.

Tbol (Turinabol)

Tbol (Turinabol) has remained the best choice for both bodybuilders and top athletes over the years. This anabolic steroid’s structure is akin to that of Dianabol (dbol).

Tbol stimulates slow but remarkable muscle mass and strength gains. This is one of the best things about this steroid. Its users can expect hard, refined looks in a short period of 4 – 8 weeks. The other thing that makes Tbol an excellent pick for those athletes who want hard and well-defined muscle mass is its ability to promote fat-free mass.

Benefits of Tbol

Additionally, augmented muscle mass, bigger muscle fiber size, enhanced protein synthesis, as well as improvements in performance are associated with the use of Tbol.

 Dbol versus Tbol

Whether it is in professional or amateur bodybuilding circles, Tbol is regarded as a superior steroid. This is mainly because it is easier to keep muscle mass and strength gains made with Tbol. Although Dbol gains are more dramatic and better than Tbol, they can be lost by as much as 50 per cent the moment bodybuilders are off the cycle.  This can be probably attributed to a high proportion of water retention (intracellular and subcutaneous) being lost post cycle.

Turinabol is also more expensive than Dbol.

Dbol is superior to Tbol when it comes to aggression, strength and physical aesthetics.  However, when the two are compared, Tbol is characterized by a low androgenic activity level. On the other hand, Turinabol exhibits a higher balance of anabolic and androgenic effects than Dianabol.  Also, since Tbol can rapidly break down in the body, it is the best steroid for athletes who undergo tests frequently. Turinabol metabolites are excreted rather faster through the urine as compared to Dianabol metabolites.

Even though Dbol and Tbol are almost similar, there is something that distinguishes the two steroids; there is an additional 4chloro alteration with Turinabol. Turinabol has a mild 53 anabolic ranking and a zero (0) androgenic rating.

This means no aromatization will take place since there is zero estrogenic or androgenic with Tbol, hence users can anticipate slow, dry gains.  In contrast, when it comes to aromatization, Dbol is the king.  As such, users of this steroid will add a large amount of mass (a bigger percentage of it water), within a short time.

Your body and goals will determine which of the two you settle for. More information can be found on Turinabol and Dianabol at the JackedBattalion website.

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