How Bodybuilding Differs from Powerlifting

There are two reasons why guys go to the gym: aesthetics and athleticism (they want to look nice and to get stronger). When it comes to differentiating between bodybuilding and powerlifting, it can be quite confusing to some people due to certain similarities between them. Bodybuilding and powerlifting are very similar sports, yet they also differ a lot. While they both involve moving weights, they are totally different in the sense that the objectives of the two sports are entirely different.

So What Is the Big Difference Between the Two?

 Bodybuilding focuses principally on building muscle, cutting fat, contest preparation, or just maintenance of size and strength. Bodybuilders exercise with higher reps and for the pump (making the muscle to grow bigger). Powerlifting mainly focuses on getting as strong as possible on the core lifts. They train with the powerlifts in the 1-5 rep range including deadlift, squat, and bench press.


Perhaps this is the best and quickest description: bodybuilders go for balance, gaining as much muscle as possible, but maintaining low-single digits’ body fat levels. Thus, bodybuilding is physique and cosmetic based. On the other hand, powerlifters go for pure strength and as such powerlifting is basically to lift as much weight as possible. There are some variations in the bodybuilding and powerlifting diet and training techniques due to their different goals.

The major difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting is that while the former is judged on appearance, the latter is based on performance and strength. In spite of the fact that the two are different sports, some individuals compete in both bodybuilding and powerlifting. Although there is some crossover between the size for bodybuilding and the strength needed for powerlifting, both methods of working out have different effects on your body. The body of a bodybuilder differs a lot from a powerlifter’s.

Benefits of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

 There are several benefits to the two sports but this depends on your perspective. Benefits of bodybuilding can range from good health, nice shape, more attention from the opposite sex, and high self-esteem. Happiness is arguably the most important thing in life, and with all these benefits going for you, you will definitely lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Lifting weight and exercising relieves stress considerably and as such, you will not meet many depressed bodybuilders. When you train, your brain releases endorphins that ease your stress levels. This makes you feel happier without having to resort to using illegal substances.

There are some benefits associated with powerlifting. These include a big increase in self-esteem the moment you bench that massive amount of weight as people look at you in awe. Obviously, there is that great feeling of pride that comes along when you attain your objectives of lifting the huge amounts of weight that particular powerlifters are able to lift.

Good discipline and determination are necessary for one to succeed at either one. Thus, although the two sports differ, bodybuilding and powerlifting come with the additional benefit of good discipline and determination.

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