Why Powerlifting Footwear Is Recommended

We all know that every athlete’s attire varies depending on the sport. In sport, the harmony between the form and function of the athletic shoe is extremely important. Footwear should be considered as a piece of equipment for a sport. This is why you can’t try to skate in sneakers or play football in your sandals.


Olympic Weightlifting Footwear

Powerlifting is a relatively new sport as compared to Olympic weightlifting. Modern powerlifting started in the 1950’s. However, some of what we see today in this sport dates back to ancient Greece. In the mid 60’s and 70’s, powerlifting footwear was still a thing of the future because powerlifting was after all still in the early stages. Powerlifters used to wear anything and everything for instance sneakers, Chuck Taylors, etc. Early powerlifters didn’t have their own lifting shoes and that is why many of the shoes they wore were actually Olympic weightlifting shoes.

Why you need Powerlifting Shoes

Powerlifting is a sport that involves the squat, deadlift, and bench press. Proper footwear and technique is required while performing powerlifting in order to minimize injury potential. Many times, people go for flashy shoes that may be visually appealing but are not designed with powerlifting in mind. What you need to ask yourself is whether they will get the job done.

Powerlifting shoes are specifically designed for the sport. So, if you perform any type of squat or deadlift variation, you would do yourself much good to check out powerlifting footwear.   When it comes to powerlifting, by picking flashy shoes instead of powerlifting shoes, you sacrifice not only performance but also safety. As a matter of fact, you could be throwing away pounds on your lifts.

Although presently many powerlifters still fancy Olympic weightlifting footwear, there are powerlifting shoes on the market that make for a compelling option.

Powerlifting footwear is simply shoes that are appropriate for the sport of powerlifting. This is quite a broad term because it comprises of a wide range of lifting shoes, with each having their own strengths and weaknesses.

Powerlifting comprises of three separate lifts, hence the best type of shoe for each lift differs. There are some powerlifters that go to the extent of having three different pairs of shoes on meet day but since all the three lifts share some characteristics, this is not always necessary. For instance, whether it is in the course of all the three lifts or several other similar lifts, the feet must remain firmly planted onto the ground continuously so as to lift as much weight as possible. Any wrong movement of the feet could either result into an inefficient transfer of force or loss of balance. This is why all the three lifts need stability as well as efficient transfer of force.  It is important that the shoe you lift in reflects and facilitates this.

Experts recommend the use of powerlifting footwear and fortunately, several brands of powerlifting footwear are available. There are advantages to using powerlifting shoes as you go about your normal training, hence investing in a good pair of weightlifting shoes is advisable.

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